30 июня 2018 г.

Smart Containers - a platform for managing the transportation of freight containers

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Containers for delivery, bar codes, package tracking software: the revolution in global trade is always determined by technology. Thanks to this milestone we can send goods to anywhere in the world. Over the past hundred years, global trade has grown exponentially, and logistics services have grown at the same pace. As transported goods become more sensitive, there is a growing need for reliable and reliable transport infrastructure. This is very important for products that require a safe level of transport and handling, such as pharmaceuticals and food. At present, this problem is very burdensome pharmaceutical and food companies.
The pharmaceutical industry has undergone drastic changes, and pharmaceutical companies have become increasingly high-tech. But the greatest transformation in pharmaceutical logistics is still ahead. The following figures confirm this trend in the growth of pharmaceutical logistics. Currently, more than 1.1 trillion dollars of pharmaceutical products are annually shipped worldwide. Of this amount, more than 283 billion dollars. The USA (26%) falls on the cold chain with an estimated growth of more than 70% by 2021. To transport these temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products, the pharmaceutical industry spends 13.4 billion dollars in 2017. The US, which is projected to increase to 20.6 billion dollars by 2021 (+ 24%).

However, today's logistics network and packaging solutions do not meet the highly sensitive requirements of the product. The World Health Organization estimates that 40% of vaccines are declining, as temperature abnormalities during transport reduce their effectiveness and, therefore, reduce patient protection! It is estimated that pharmaceutical companies should dispose of products worth more than $ 2.5 billion. US per year due to temperature drift during transportation.

As a result, regulators recognized the need for more restrictive transport policies, and the EU published guidelines for good practice (GDP), also called Good Supply Practices (GSP) in certain markets, which entered into force in 2016. Almost all Western non-EU countries and most emerging markets follow these recommendations, because governments prevent spoiled drug imports and sales. The current GDP standards apply to pharmacies. However, it is only a matter of time until they are spread throughout the pharmaceutical distribution chain, including the last mile from the patient.

Project details Smart Containers

The distribution of foodstuffs indicated the development of similar guidelines and laws as a good practice in the distribution of medicines. Due to the growing demand for fresh food in developed countries, the fragile market continues to grow. In addition, home delivery is becoming more common, which leads to new logistics problems and the possibilities of perishable products. Food safety is a serious problem for supermarkets and fast food chains, since food safety scandals can have serious consequences. Therefore, new technologies, such as blockchain, will play an important role in the distribution of food in the future.

Smart Containers is a pulp and logistics company that combines the potential of two technologies, using integration with several Internet sensors to create solutions for logistics companies working with containers.
This project was created by the Swiss Smart Containers Group. The company provides a safe, temperature-controlled container for the transport of heat-sensitive items, such as pharmaceuticals and food. The company's goal is to help ensure that no items will be damaged during transport and they want to use blockchain technology for it.

Smart Containers uses Chainchain Logi Chain technology along with online tools that allow companies to monitor containers in real time and store information about them. This allows the user to have a certain set of benefits, such as getting rid of papers and information that is not related.

Blockchain can be a decentralized technology, but for your company there is a lot of centralized information, because all information is no longer stored on paper, but in a block chain where you can see whenever you want. Using this technology, you can also automate billing in the supply chain of your product, and this will help you reduce transaction costs, because the crypto currency can be used to pay for the service.

Another advantage of Logi Chain's Blockchain technology is that it opens up your company's logistics, and you can integrate your logistics with those that come from third-party companies that can work with you more easily.

The main new product that the company is currently developing is a stand-alone container 4.0. This will be the "final" smart container, using the technology of protecting objects from heat and able to independently control and regulate the temperature on its own. More than 50 years of human work or research have been included in the creation of this new product. These new containers will work with the existing blockchain technology to ensure that not only the elements will be protected from heat, but will also be tracked in the company's logistics system.

Project vision, mission and goals: The organization's goal is to provide a delicate product and ensure that no one receives a profitable product using one of the combinations of equipment types at the front, highly professional programming and specialized administration. Smart Containers Group generously expands its business to meet world standards in the field of high prices for pharmaceuticals and food circulation.

Coordination of the shock, in any case, will be obtained from the second leading organization. Administrations have identified the opportunity to change entertainment to create a coherent, coherent and coordinated ecosystem called LOGI Chain (with LOGI logos), open to all business elements and taking into account innovations with notebooks.

Smart Containers Group aims to significantly expand its business in order to meet the world standards in the field of distribution of pharmaceuticals and high-value products. On a business scale, management decided to turn to the crypto currency community to finance $ 36 million through a SMARC token, which provides 20% of future profits (dividends and potential revenue from the exit).

Smart Containers Group is a highly reliable company that develops high-tech products and aims to bring its best products to market. This is seen as a company that may have a good chance of success in the ICO.

Project development plan

Selling tokens, ICO

Smart Containers is supplied as a digital currency with the name SMARC; LOGI. SMARC token; LOGI will go on sale from May 15, 2018 to June 30, 2018 at a price of 1 SMARC equivalent to 0.432 US dollars, and LOGI, equivalent to 0.285 US dollars.
The very purchase of the marker can be made with a foreign digital currency, such as ETH, BTC, USD, CHF and EUR.

In order to buy tokens, you need to go to the site https://smartcontainers.ch/en/  and register. For more details, see the instruction: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/assets/faq-ico_update_crowd-sale.pdf

Website:    http://smartcontainers.ch/

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