28 февраля 2019 г.

TOP5 Latest Exclusive Airdrops, best Exchange (March 2019)


New Bitsdaq Bittrex Exchange: 1500 BXBC tokens for registration + 1000 for the link + 200 for the entrance per day
Forecast cost: more than 100$

Bitsdaq is a new exchange based in Hong Kong and the official partner of Bittrex in Macau, Singapore, and Canada. They aim to become the global digital currency trading platform in Asia

Bitsdaq is airdropping 1500 BXBC tokens to their community members. Sign up at their website page, confirm your email address to receive 1500 BXBC tokens to your wallet directly. Also, earn 800 BXBC tokens for each referral and 200 BXBC for daily login

Steps to the airdrop:
Register here with your email
Confirm email with the verification code that will be sent to the email provided.
Login in and check your wallet, you will be credited with 1500 BXBC
Login daily for 200 BXBC and refer other for 800 BXBC per referral.
If you complete KYC (mobile verification and document upload) you will be credited with another 6000 BXBC
Login every day to claim 200 BXBC

ProtecTHOR  is Airdropping 50  PTX Token = 80$ !!!

Urgent! Only until March 31

Register now for free and secure PTX tokens!
Exchange PTX =0.00035 BTC on worldmarkets.io

➡️ Registration link >>>
➡️ Singup with email and ensure you confirm your email.
Go to "News" and fill in your details in 4 forms. Singup with email and ensure you confirm forms.                                                                     
➡️ 3 and 4 form: in the last but one field we put "1", in the last field we put "korotov" (without this, we won’t get tokens)


Forecast cost: more than 10$

Welcome to IQ Finex airdrop system, a free source that presents the world’s most current and legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops. 
We verify and aggregate airdrops and bounties daily to bring you the most recent and profitable earning opportunities. 
Choose an airdrop and follow the instructions provided to claim free crypto tokens, or vote for your favorite projects!


Coininvestbank - a crypto investment bank, distributes 5,000 DGB tokens ($ 40 in 60 days), which are traded on exchanges
Forecast cost: more than 50$

We pass the usual registration, we confirm the mail. 
Again, register in the office.

Enter the tab "INVESTBOX", in the coin search window enter our DGB coin, press ENTER. In the window that appears, enter "5000 DGB" and click "INVEST".

Go to the tab "MY INVESTBOX" and see that our tokens are in the investment fund, and will bring 1% of profit per day (50 coins on the first day).

Attention this is important!
It is necessary to visit this site every day and repeat the same operation, thus the amount of reinvestment will constantly grow.

You can withdraw profits in 60 days.

Pukkamex trading platform airdrop: Earn 50 PUX tokens  and 100  tokens more for each referral 

➡️ Great, we are happy to have you with us.
 Create an account at the site  >>> 
 ✅ PUX holders receive 25% of pukkamex’s gross revenue every Sunday at 12:00 GMT.
 ✅ Tokens exchange rate $0.05
 ✅ We support multiple languages including Arabic and English
🎁  Here’s a list of the prizes you will be eligible for:
👉 5x tickets to The North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami.
👉 A brand new Audi A6.
👉 5000 USD in BTC.
👉 25k USD in PUX tokens.

👉 A lifetime free trading account.


Airdrop + Bounty from the Latoken Cryptocurrency Exchange, with all tasks, 
earnings up to $ 150

LA is an innovative fintech project from Singapore aiming to setup a new trading ecosystem, removing middlemen and giving trading access to 1 billion people. This currency is already used by more than 100K traders around the world.

Steps to LA token Airdrop:
Visit LAToken Airdrop page.
Verify your email.
You are in for the airdrop after verification.

Invite 10 friends and get 26 LA for each.


Zoreum Labs - ZRS Airdrop decentralized crypto exchange, distribution of tokens for simple actions on social networks
Forecast cost: more than 50$

Register here >>>
Enter your name, email address, ETH address and country of residence.

Click on "Register" to participate in the distribution of tokens
Subscribe to all social networks of the project.
Wait for the arrival of tokens.

Invite your friends, for one invitation they pay $ 2.


Kartiy wallet (200 KRTY) ~ $200+Ref

Multi Crypto Wallet with Direct Fiat Withdrawal & Virtual Crypto Card.

Kartiy is airdropping up to 100 Million KRTY tokens to each community members. 
Each participant can get upto 200 KRTY tokens. Also invite friends to earn  more tokens for each referral.

Steps for Airdrops:

Register & Create A Wallet using your email address here >>> 
Be sure to deposit referral code:  UJ32374050 
This is necessary to get the bonus.
 Verify Your Email id & complete signup process.
 Once you have registered and created your wallet, sign in to your dashboard 
(10 KRTY).
 Fill this form >>>
Join Telegram group (5 KRTY) and Telegram channel (5 KRTY)
Follow Twitter (5 KRTY), like and retweet this tweet (2 KRTY) and make a tweet about KARTIY Wallet (4 KRTY)
Like Facebook page (5 KRTY), comment and share this post (4 KRTY).
 Pre-ordered Kartiy Virtual Crypto Card (20 KRTY).
 Post a Review video on youtube for Kartiy Wallet (20-100 KRTY).
 Make a Deposit of Minimum $ 0.99 USD Valuation of crypto in your wallet (40 KRTY).
 Submit your details along with your name, Kartiy wallet email address to the airdrop page.
 You can receive up to 200 KRTY tokens Worth $200 USD depending on the number of tasks completed.

You only have to complete Minimum 2 tasks to be eligible.

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