2 апреля 2019 г.

April 2019: Free cryptocurrency, free investment

Hello friends!

I chose great drops for you. I checked it myself, it works. 
You can get cryptocurrency after simple actions and registration.
Only Great projects, you need to join.

Actual for April 2019.
Payments over 10 dollars.

Campaign  time:  2019/3/25—2019/4/30 

Registration link >>>
✅ 1. Sign up and do KYC 
✅ 2. Go to https://www.dobiexchange.com/en/ and click buttons "Awards " + "Awards " + "Invitation Award " , and click  "Activity details "
✅ 3.  Inviting friends to successfully get 20USDT
Campaign  time: 2019/4/1—2019/4/30 (GMT+8)

Message from the official group to Telegram:
Hello all users and investors,
Regarding Tether campaign , USDT,
please be informed 
1, KYC will be approved shortly. So please be patient.
2, your bonus will be shown into your account after campaign is finished.
Thanks for joining us.
Have a wonderful day ahead.

75 (27$) BCNX + 10 BCNX ref
Campaign  time:  2019/4/1—2019/4/20 

You must pass the KYC on Bcnex!
Registration link:   https://www.bcnex.net/register.html?veHq48P9D1 
✅ 1. Sign up and do KYC 
✅ 2. Go to https://www.bcnex.net/earn-bcnx.html
Share your Referral Link with the text below on Facebook and Twitter
✅ 3.  Inviting friends to successfully get 
✅ 4. Bounty Allocation: https://www.bcnex.net/bounty.html

650,000 BCNX tokens will be allocated for our bounty campaign

Reward:   100 WRX = 30$+ 100 ref

You must pass the KYC on WAZIRX!
Registration link 👉  https://wazirx.com/invite/35edr89c

Sign up and do KYC.

Vindax Exchange Airdrop
🔸 Receive 50VD ~ 0.0314BTC ≈ 164.5 $

✨ VinDAX Token (VD) is a cryptocurrency to be issued by VinDAX Digital Asset Exchange. The total 
supply of VD is fixed at 125 million without any future offering.

Sign up, confirm email and login 
✅ Turn on 2FA code
✅ KYC here (Required)

✅  Go to the Airdrop section pull down and click [I have done this] and do the task, enter the information

Guide to 2,000+ LBXC Airdrop and up to 50,000 LBXC
Nexybit, revenue sharing cryptocurrency exchange

✨ Nexybit is a global mining exchange which offers both token and futures cryptocurrency trading. The goal of Nexybit is to provide a wider range of sophisticated trading options in a fair and transparent manner.

Register here to participate
✅ Perform the tasks to earn points. The higher points acquired, the more LBXC token you will receive
✅ Ensure you register with the same email address used above at Nexbit Exchange Portal and choose signup and confirm your email: https://nexybit.com/
✅ Refer others to earn extra points

Miracle Tele  Airdrop - easy to get 100 ($17)  TELE + 10 ref for stacking Free
1 TELE tokens = 0.15 EUR

Sign up now to earn your tele tokens and start stacking Free 10% per month!
Miracle Tele is the world’s first fully functioning blockchain mobile operator available in over 163 countries that lets you receive rewards and use them to pay for our telecom services or withdraw them and spend them on anything you want.

1.Registration link >>>> 
2. Confirm your account and login
3. Enter the tab " Take part in our airdrop campaign, spread the word about Miracle Tele in social media to help us grow, and get TELE tokens."

4. Perform 5 simple tasks.
5. After 24 hours you will be available TELE tokens. 
You can get 10% profit per month. Reinvestment once every two weeks.
Keep track of your mail, you will be informed about the receipt of money.

Telegram BOT! Quick cryptocurrency earnings 6$ 
in a day!  

Description: This bot lets you earn EDC tokens by completing simple tasks.  

Best for today in terms of profitability and simplicity.
Hundreds of simple tasks - likes in social networks, introductions ...
Output from 1000 EDC tokens to the yobit exchange

This bot allows you to earn EDC by performing simple tasks.

Bot-exchanger airdrop: you can receive 17-25 RZY COIN: 1 time per 20 hours

1 RZY COIN 🔁  0.10 USD
1 RZY COIN 🔁  0,000021 BTC
Approximate cost of the token when going public: 1 RZY COIN = 1.5 $

Registration link 👉 https://t.me/bomoney_bot?start=r0185262614
Minimum payout amount: **350 RZY COIN

🗯 Coins can be withdrawn only on the Waves wallet, in more detail in the Instructions  section, if the application contains amounts below the minimum , as well as another wallet, then the application will not be processed , and all your funds we will annul.

⏱ Application processing time takes up to 24 hours


Forecast cost: more than 10$

Welcome to IQ Finex airdrop system, a free source that presents the world’s most current and legitimate cryptocurrency airdrops. 
We verify and aggregate airdrops and bounties daily to bring you the most recent and profitable earning opportunities. 
Choose an airdrop and follow the instructions provided to claim free crypto tokens, or vote for your favorite projects!

Win up to 25 Bither every two hours!

⏩ Register on the BITHER website, register, confirm by mail.
⏩ Every two hours a random BTR token play is available.
You can sometimes win coins for a very good amount.
On average, you can count on the extraction of 1 BTR coin per day.
⏩ When withdrawing coins to your wallet, put round numbers. If it does not work, then put on the output on one coin less than what is in your account.

The great advantage of this project is its stability and the ability to withdraw extracted tokens at any time. After the developers distribute all the tokens, you can sell them on the exchanges.
Estimated sales price 1 ETH = 100 BTR tokens.

And other promising distributions of free cryptocurrency, you can always find in the operational, daily reports in group:

Telegrams: https://t.me/earn_crypto48

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