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BAAPPAY - Integrate Fiat And Cryptocurrency Payment Services For Merchants

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Modern blockchain technology is becoming more popular. Despite the bans of some states, more and more people are interested in the opportunity to buy or sell goods or services, not only for ordinary money, but also to use the crypto currency.
In addition, many traders from the stock markets are increasingly moving to the cryptography market.
Crypto industry has many advantages: a reliable and secure economy, transparent activity, in which there is no place for fraud. Therefore, blockchain technology will become the main one in many new projects and will change the world for the better.
In order for business to develop the world of Crypto-currency, new, convenient platforms for rapid exchanges and payments between participants are needed.

Therefore, a promising project BAAPPAY appeared, which will help everyone to make calculations in the crypto currency quickly and conveniently.

Details of the BAAPPAY project

What is BaapPay?
BaapPay is a payment platform that can create conditions for the exchange between a modern payment system with credit cards and a payment system in the crypto currency.
The platform will operate credit and debit cards. The whole economic model will be similar to the traditional scheme using electronic payment systems.

The BAAPPAY project is a multi-level payment platform with payment gateways, software for the POS terminal and its own application store BaapWorId.

Currently, there are no other operators of crypto-currency payment systems.
Nevertheless, the VaarRau team is ready to integrate traditional payment systems into the crypto currency market and will be able to provide great opportunities for consumers and entrepreneurs.

The VaarRau platform is ready to work with the regulatory authorities of each country to obtain the required licenses in any particular country or region from operators to receive payments to independent trading organizations.

BaapPay is a platform that contains its own payment system, trading software and an application store called BaapWorld. According to the developers, in the near future, calculations by crypto-currencies will prevail and take their place in everyday life, therefore, a decision was made to develop this product.

Features of the project BaapPay:

Cash payments will pass through a special payment gateway - an element of the PayPal interface that will help sellers receive payments in the form of a crypto currency or ordinary money
for the services rendered or goods. Also operations with credit or debit cards will be available.
Thanks to the POS interface, each user can access the platform using the Internet.
Today, most enterprises can not provide client settlements in the crypto currency, which over time can lead to significant business risks. However, the BaapPay system is able to change this.
The system is aimed at introducing crypto currency into everyday life, including being able to interact with credit cards and electronic payment systems.

The big advantage of the project is the introduction of smart contracts into the VaRRau platform, which will ensure safe and reliable financial transactions between the platform participants.

Platform VaarRau

VaarRau is an integrated platform that covers many aspects related to the payment industry.
The payment gateway will allow sellers to accept crypto-currencies and paper money.
The payment gateway is the RauRal system, which serves as an interface that allows sellers to receive payments for goods and services in currency or various crypto assets.

➤ VaarRau will assess the situation and decide which crypto currency should be used by the platform. In addition, the opinions of clients and entrepreneurs who will vote for new lists of tokens will be taken into account.

➤ The platform will give buyers and sellers the opportunity to convert the crypto currency into a currency.

➤ If you have the option, it automatically converts the crypto currency into phiatic money or a crypto currency store that can convert later or spend without modification.

➤ The online payment system is similar to RaRal, VaarRau will support online money transfer and serves as an electronic alternative.

➤ Trading accounts of the seller will have access to traditional payment systems, for example, using debit and credit cards and systems using crypto currency.
Sellers will be able to add purchase or order buttons to their websites and blogs within a few minutes.

➤ The VaarRau virtual terminal will function as an operator for receiving payments for online suppliers, auction sites and other commercial organizations.

Wallet on the platform VaarRau - Baap Wallet
This wallet works in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer device.
This wallet will allow you to convert crypto currency into regular money and vice versa.

Customer's wallet with private key
When using this purse only the client will have access to the private key.
This wallet can be downloaded and installed on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
This purse can be connected in pairs to other devices using the same secret key.

BaapPOS system
Traders will be able to use the integrated Point-of-Sale software available through a web browser, mobile phone or smart terminal.
POS-system is fully integrated software for business management.

The POS system has the following main advantages:
➥ will be able to make calculations for sales
➥ consider the stock of unsold goods
➥ monitor the work of employees
➥ work with different sources
➥ use tools to create loyalty
➥ take paper money and currency
➥ cryptography in the process of integration

Smart Terminal - SPOS

SPOS-system is a smart terminal for payments, however, unlike usual payment terminals, smart terminals SPOS unite all aspects of sales: registration of devices, payments and accounting in one terminal.
When shipped, it comes with a 5.5-inch touchscreen, based on Android.

Features: CPS, Bluetooth, barcode scanner, built-in speaker, microphone, thermal printer, 6000 mAh lithium battery, camera, QR code scanner and support for Wi-Fi 4G.
This device accepts NFC payments, cards with chips, payments in the Swipe system and is certified in accordance with EMV and PCI standards.

You can get crypto currency and paper money.

MPOS - cellular system
The VARP MPOS platform provides the necessary level of security for Visa and MasterCard
and an effective pricing system that facilitates comprehensive adaptation.
This affordable mobile communication device will connect your desktop and mobile phone to the payment terminal so that you can receive crypto currency and ordinary money.

Roadmap, development paths 2018

ICO details, sale of tokens

Name of the tokens: BAAPPAY TOKEN
Symbol: BAAP
Platform: Ethereum ERC-20
Number of tokens available: 94 000 000 BAAP
Price: 1 ETH = 4200 BAPP

BaapPay completed the sale with private individuals.
Within 3-4 months we expect the release of parts of our platform: devices, software for sale, cryptographic trading accounts. We will take pre-orders for the devices within the next 1-2 months.

Our application store, PayPal, as a payment gateway, a pool of liquidity and purses, will be released in accordance with our road map

To participate in the project, you need to go to the site https://baappaytoken.com/ and register in Whitelisted

Website:           https://baappaytoken.com/

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