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How to earn on investments in cryptocurrency

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Due to the onset of the global crisis and the fall of the stock market, many companies and private investors have already lost hope of receiving dividends from investments in stock assets and company stocks. It's time to turn your attention to the constant passive income from investments in cryptoactives.

The system is simple: you buy crypto coins and keep them in your wallet or in some cases on a company or exchange account.
Often, the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm is used, which allows you to earn more coins by keeping existing ones, in exchange for helping to protect the network and
the use of capital for the development of new directions of the company.
This is a passive method of making money on cryptocurrencies, which does not require special participation and trading.

Another significant advantage of investing in cryptocurrency is: cyclical increases in the price of assets tenfold. On average, once every 2 years, you can hope for a bonus. With a significant increase in the price of an asset, you can simply sell on the stock exchange a part of the investment, having obtained super-profit.

Thus, you get dividends from special cryptocurrencies and sometimes break a huge excess profit.

What cryptocurrencies 2019 bring passive profit without effort?

1. Miracle Tele - payment of dividends every two weeks or 10-12% per month

This is a European mobile network operator operating on the market that provides high-quality international calling and browsing services on one SIM card at low prices, which allows customers to maintain their privacy rights and also receive remuneration to company tokens holders once every two weeks.

The company has long been releasing its SIM cards that can be used all over the world, and the card allows you to use the popular Telegram and WhatsApp applications without paying for an Internet connection.

Miracle Tele offers a fixed international call rate of € 0.2 per minute.
and sells traffic starting at € 0.01 per MB, depending on the client’s country.
All incoming calls are free, talk time and traffic are charged only on a fee basis, and Miracle Tele mobile services are available in more than 150 countries.

Miracle Tele is the first mobile operator in the world to combine high-quality mobile services at reduced rates along with financial tools based on blockchain technology, giving people unlimited access to information both on the Internet and in the world of finance through cryptocurrency.

Services that account for profit
In addition to the functions of providing cellular communications and selling SIM cards worldwide, Miracle Tele also offers a number of additional services. For example, a customer can purchase multiple virtual numbers for one SIM card in any available country — for example, in most EU countries, the USA, Australia, etc., and use them as a main or additional number.
Currently running its own wallet with integrated debit cards
prepaid, VPN services to be included in all SIM plans.

In addition, the company plans to launch the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which can be used in conjunction with AI algorithms to expand the range of options for using the company's services by including them. in home automation systems.

Instructions for investment in cryptocurrency Miracle Tele:

⏩ Register on the Miracle Tele website >>>

Also, do not forget to put a tick in front of the agreement with the rules of service and in the box of the invitation code.

⏩ Go to your email and insert account verification code in this field:

⏩ How to make a deposit

You can make a deposit through a bank, BTC, ETH, ETC, BCH and LTC. The minimum deposit amount is 10 euros, and deposits with bank cards should be added soon. Enter the amount of Euro you intend to invest in the window and click the type of payment.

You will have an account for payment: to which wallet and how much to send cryptocurrency within an hour.
If you do not have a cryptocurrency and wallet, then register a bitcoin wallet (https://www.blockchain.com) or Ethereum (https://www.myetherwallet.com/), then send the cryptocurrency to them.

Cryptocurrency can be purchased at exchange offices, for example, on the anonymous resource LocalBitcoins, where you can safely buy Bitcoin using your bank account or other payment methods, such as Bank cards of your region, Western Union, Vanilla, Serve2Serve, electronic payment systems.

After some time, your account will be replenished.

 Go to "TOKENS TELE" and click "Buy tokens"

After confirmation on the network, TELE tokens will appear on your balance

⏩ We invest TELE tokens in the company's investment fund.

To do this, click the section "TOKENS TELE" and then the section "STACK":

Waiting for network confirmation.

Two weeks after adding your TELE to "STACK", you will receive tokens remuneration in the amount of 40% of the net profit of Miracle Telecom distributed among all tokens holders. Then you can simply transfer your income to the balance and spend it the way you want. Or withdraw to your crypto wallet, or make a return to the investment fund, or buy a sim card for travel.

The company plans to raise funds to its fund and sell tokens until October 15, 2019. Moreover, the price of tokens will increase in stages and grow to 0.22 Euro.
Therefore, if you plan to invest, then it is more profitable to do it now, while the price of tokens is 0.15 Euro.
And in the beginning of the next 2020, tokens will be listed on the stock exchange.

For fast promotion, the company conducts an advertising campaign, attracting users, paying for the work with TELE tokens. You can also earn coins in the "PROMOTION" section, where you can get a referral link and promotional materials. Payment of 10% of new deposits.

2. Get 3% per day on your wallet in the investment section of the project Bitmally

This is not entirely on our topic of permanent income from investments for a long time.
But if someone wants to double their cryptocurrency capital twice in 66 working days,
then go to the full description in the article >>>

The project collects investments until mid-May, then displays tokens on the stock exchange, so it is short-term.

3. NEO cryptocurrency - 3% per year

To earn a GAS, you just need to keep the NEO coins in your wallet, and the GAS will accumulate over time. You do not need to make any effort.
Holding it on the exchange, you will not get GAS, except for Binance and KuCoin exchanges.

To get an idea of how much GAS you generate, based on how much NEO you are holding, click here.

4. VeChain Thor (VET) from 2% per year

The project has two types of coins - VET, or basic tokens VeChain, and tokens THOR Power.
In their functions, they are similar to those already familiar to NEO and GAS.

How much you can earn, you can calculate in a special calculator >>>

5. COSS cryptocurrency exchange tokens - 5% per year

Unlike all the other coins described above, we get a portion of the profits from the work of the exchange. By the way, today many exchanges began to offer various bonuses and payments for the use and storage of tokens.

If your tokens will be stored on the COSS exchange, then nothing extra is required.
Payments will occur automatically every week (which accumulate, and you
You can apply with a few clicks).

The exchange has an excellent calculator that allows you to determine dividends, and also allows you to change specific variables that affect payments (daily volume and fees).

6. PivX Tokens - 4% per year

Another anonymous cryptocurrency based on Zcash.
This cryptocurrency has fallen into the top cryptocurrency rating, has $ 37 million market capitalization and takes approximately 78th place.

To find out how much you can earn passively using PIVX, you can visit the PIVX awards
calculator page here.
You can purchase PIVX on the Binance Exchange and many others.

7. Ontology (ONT) approximately 7-8% per year

To earn ONG, you just need to keep ONT in your wallet, and ONG will accumulate over time.
To understand how many ONGs you will generate, you can check this calculator.
You can purchase ONT on Binance, Huobi, KuCoin, Gate and many other exchanges.

8. Cryptocurrency exchange: KuCoin - 5% per year,

(KCS) - this cryptocurrency is issued by the KuCoin exchange of the same name, and this exchange daily accrues 50% to the owners of cookies on the profit received from fees for exchange trading.

Receipt of dividends is similar to the COSS exchange, which we have already considered above.
Cucoins are not coins, but tokens created on the basis of etherium.
You can store them in wallets that support the storage of ERC20 ethereum tokens. For example, in hardware wallets Trezor, Ledger Nano S and myetherwallet.com, Coinomi and others.

There are still a lot of cryptocurrency, which bring a small profit to their owners, but very small interest per year:
TenX (PAY), SIFT (SIFT), Edgeless (EDG), OmiseGo (OMG), Lisk (LSK), WAVES (WAVES), Reddcoin (RDD), Okcash (OK), Decred (DCR), Linda (LINDA), Stratis (STRAT), Komodo, Neblio.

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