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ABLE Project (ABLE) - a decentralized bank based on Blockchain

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Nowadays, crypto-currency banking services provide deposits and loans separately, and do not bind depositors and borrowers. Services have shortcomings. This is the inability to secure high interest rates on deposits in a sustainable way.
Such services can not reduce or eliminate intermediate risks, since their structure is based on a centralized model.
Traditional banks act as intermediaries and profit from the difference between the deposit and credit markets.
The new ABLE project will create a system that will allow investors and borrowers to share the cost gained from eliminating such intermediaries. Currently, crypto-currency banking companies provide disparate services, such as high-yield deposits
and loans with intermediary risks.

More about the ABLE project 

The ABLE project creates a sustainable business model that will directly connect users through smart contracts, and through decentralization can solve problems associated with the risk of managers and hacking of central servers.

Video review of the project:

ABLE Project is a financial platform that provides exchanges and services for the management of assets of intellectual contracts, which allows to carry out banking activities on the basis of the crypto currency. The project is a decentralized bank based on Blockchain technology.

The ABLE project is primarily aimed at applying decentralized Blockchain technology to financial and welfare management functions; directly link demand and supply through an account on a peer-to-peer basis; and create a reliable system.
Subsequently, it aims to create its own decentralized exchange, and then to turn it into a platform for developing and using smart contracts in the field of finance and money management services.

As of 2017, the average spread of banks for deposit lending was about 5%, which accounts for 50% of their gross income. Non-interest income (for example, fees for services, trusts, securities, foreign currency earnings), on the other hand, accounted for a small share of 20%.

Decentralization of financial business excludes operational risks arising in the conduct of banking operations. Since investors are directly connected with the aaemakers without banks as intermediaries, they can use the services, while excluding the operational risks of banks.

SOLT is a solution of the bank's crypto-currency service, which gives money in the form of currency, backed up by crypto currency as collateral. Using the Multi-signature technology, which allows you to withdraw funds only from signatures of both intermediaries and borrowers, this solution
reduces the risk of intermediation and, thus, differs from existing solutions.
However, the SOLT structure provides that, without signatures, users can not obtain ownership of crypto-loans in return. While the Platform uses smart contracts until it becomes decentralized, it can not be an ideal solution
intermediate problems. Most credit platforms are also vulnerable to the moral hazard of managers, because intermediaries retain client's crypto-currency assets.

The ABLE project will solve the problems with traditional bank lending - deposit spreads, as well as centralized crypto-financial services, based on the transparency and reliability of the Blockchain system.
The ABLE project will create a platform that will allow the financial activity to focus around the state of the account, proceeding from the fact that banking activities are carried out primarily through bank accounts.

The ABLE project was proposed to provide an alternative to the traditional spread structure for banks' credit deposits, as well as for solving problems with initial cryptal banking services.
At present, banks have a business model based on credit and deposit spreading, or the difference between credit and deposit interest rates, in which the bank acts as an intermediary between depositors and borrowers. Such a structure allows the bank
to receive deposits at low interest rates and to lend money at high rates, profit from the difference.

Existing crypto-currency banking services are provided through
centralized structure. The combination of unacceptably high interest rates and centralized services makes banks vulnerable to the moral hazard of managers and hacking of central servers. The lack of comprehensive solutions in the crypto industry keeps users from using all banking services.

The ABLE project aims to address these challenges through the use of decentralized Blockchain technology.
Developing an alignment mechanism that connects investors and borrowers on an equal footing, the project directly connects investors and borrowers without any intermediaries. When intermediaries and credit spreads are eliminated, interest rates of crypto currency will be determined by mutual consent of users in the free market. These rates will serve as market interest rates. Investors
can receive higher interest rates than in a centralized market, while borrowers will be able to lend money at lower rates, creating a win-win scenario. Since investments and lending are regulated by smart contracts, the project will eliminate the moral hazard of managers and the risk of hacking the central server.

Platform features:
- payments on wages and credit ratings,
- financial investment system,
- solution of the problem of current banking services with spreads
and centralized crypto-financial services.
- ABLE ecosystem
- the project links depositors and borrowers with the goal of providing reliable banking solutions and investments on the ABLE platform.

Project Capabilities:
- Allows both depositors and borrowers to enter into a transaction at the proposed interest rate without intermediaries.
- Prevents the administrator's moral hazard and server hacking, saving the user's investment in a decentralized system.
The project team has extensive experience in various financial sectors, including the National Tax Service and the National Pension Service.
The project developers share a lot of experience to create the perfect banking product for all users of the crypto industry.

Crypto Finance Comparison:

Project road map

Selling tokens, ICO

The project issues the internal currency of the platform for use by all
participants - ABLE tokens.

Token distribution:
Initial issuance 25,000,000,000 ABLE
Public Sales 15,000,000,000 ABLE 60%
Reserved 3,750,000,000 ABLE 15%
Team Incentives 2,500,000,000 ABLE 10%
Foundation 2,500,000,000 ABLE 10%
Martketing & Strategy Partners 1,250,000,000 ABLE 5%

Currently, the last phase of sales of tokens takes place, which began on July 16 and ends
on August 10, 2018.
All the data on prices and time of sales you can see on the table below:

In order to purchase tokens, you need to go to the site https://www.able-project.io/ and go through the registration.

Website:      https://www.able-project.io/

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